Est.1968 - Regd. No. B/1127/Surat - Malekpore
Anjuman-e-Talimul Muslimeen
  Donation Appeal

Respected dignitary and well wisher

As Salamu Alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarkatuh.
I am writing this letter to you with full of hope. We are facing a lot of financial shortage in annual budget to educational agendas. It has become necessary for me to ask you to extend your financial support to the Anjuman -E -Talimul Muslimeen for its requirements. We highly appreciate to your kind support and assistance.
You are well aware that Anjuman provide scholarship to needy and deserving students
from primary to higher education as well run Primary, Secondary,Higher Secondary School and Boys Hostel, offered help like free Lodging, Boarding, Books,  Notebooks, Uniforms and Medicine etc. to needy students.     
We have estimate scholarship budget 70,00,000, to provide help to such a needy students of medical, paramedical, engineering or advance study.  

550 students enrolled in school include 330 Hostel boarders. We have  need a 65, 00,000/- for Hostel lodging - boarding, 10,00,000/- for Uniform, Books, Note-books & Educational Expenses.      
We are  facing a lot of financial shortage  to carry out educational agendas.

It has become necessary to ask you to extend your financial support  to the Anjuman -E –Talimul Muslimeen for upliftment of the community trough education
A humbleappeal to assist under
adoption scheme and provide
financial assistance according to
details & requirement as under
Scholarship to Higher Education - 25000
Hostel Each Student Per Year - 14000
Hostel Expenses Per Day - 17000
We take opportunity to appeal for assist under adoption scheme and adopt one or more students. Please do come and encourage us. We hope you will be kind enough to extend your best co-operation.
May you need further detail, I would be most willing to satisfy it. (Insha Allah).
With regards,.
Yours affectionately,
(A.Rashid Raheman Patel)
Gen. Secretary
Maximum Utilize Your
Zakat- Sadqah and Charity
For the educational up-liftment of
needy & deserving students of the society.
While expressing our sincere gratitude for your financial backing in educational agendas render by Anjuman.
We are most humbly yet to reasonably come forward to our enthusiast with proposal to assist accordingly financial statement,
We do hope you will approve it whole heartedly to the details as under that you can well understand.
Considering the shortages of fund while increasing applicants by admit higher education. Thus we have to assist generously.
Scholarship Distribution Chart For the  year 2014-2015  
Faculty Applicant Paid Applicant Amount Unpaid Applicant
Medical 48 37 929700 11
Paramedical 61 40 409000 21
Engineering 151 95 777000 56
College 235 160 957900 75
12 Sc 41 32 209000 9
11 Sc 42 29 222500 13
12 Gen 36 9 14500 27
11 Gen 59 7 8100 52
Secondary 9-10 117 9 12500 108
Primary Std. 1 -8 145 4 8300 141
Girls Hostel 18 18 72000 0
Boys Hostel 100 100 1048500 0
Grand Total 1053 540 4669000 513