Est.1968 - Regd. No. B/1127/Surat - Malekpore
Anjuman-e-Talimul Muslimeen
  Aims & Objectives
The aim (intention) of this institution will be to improve mainly the Educational condition of all students irrespective of any discrimination.  And to work for social welfare with justice and co-operation, within the jurisdiction of the intuition

The Objects of the institution will be as under:

  1. To encourage the students (Boys and Girls) in education by giving help and prize to poor and deserving students (Boys and Girls) within the limits of funds, subjected to rules and regulation.
  2. To provide loading boarding and other residential facilities to the students by starting the institution like Darool Uloom at the earliest possible when the institution gets stability.
  3. To established Balwadi, Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools and Collage or division for Science, Arts, Commerce, Law, Medical and Technical - Vocational education. To establish primary and higher religious education center and  Dharamshala (Musafarkhana).
  4. To established and manage separate Hostel for Boys  and Girls. To do necessary activities for collection of funds for this works, however activities will be done without intention of profit earning.